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Insights January 07, 2013 The GoldMoney News Desk

How about trillion-dollar platinum?

Cheaper office space for Goldman Sachs, an extension of a tax on rum, and a tax break offered to those building NASCAR racing tracks (yes, y...

Insights January 04, 2013 The GoldMoney News Desk

FOMC minutes boost dollar, pressure gold

Better than expected ADP jobs numbers combined with hawkish noises from the Federal Reserve have prompted a dollar surge over the last 24 ho...

Insights May 15, 2012 The GoldMoney News Desk

Is this the end of the gold bull market?

The dreary picture painted by recent headlines and the tiresome repetition that gold “has entered a bear market” seems to be taking its...

Insights May 08, 2012 The GoldMoney News Desk

Economic 'recovery' built on sand

“STOCKS ROAR BACK” is this morning’s London City AM headline – reporting news that the Dow Jones “smashed through” the 15,000 ma...