Author Bios
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Founder - Director
James Turk

James began his career at Chase Manhattan Bank where he worked in Thailand, the Philippines, and Hong Kong. In 2001, he co-founded Goldmoney and was Chairman of the group until his retirement in 2013.

Chief Executive Officer
Roy Sebag

Roy Sebag is the Chief Executive Officer of Goldmoney Inc. He has been an active investor and portfolio manager for over a decade specializing in distressed, event-driven, and natural resources investments.

Chief Strategy Officer & CFO
Josh Crumb

Josh Crumb is the Chief Strategy Officer at Goldmoney Inc. Josh was previously the Senior Metals Strategist at Goldman Sachs in the Global Economics, Commodities and Strategies research division in London.

Vice President Goldmoney Insights
Stefan Wieler

Stefan Wieler is a Vice President of Goldmoney Inc. Stefan previously worked for over 10 years at some the world's top financial institutions, including a role as an Executive Director and senior commodity strategist at Goldman Sachs.

Vice President and Head of Wealth Services
John Butler

John Butler has over 20 years experience in international finance. He has served as a Managing Director for bulge-bracket investment banks on both sides of the Atlantic in research, strategy, asset allocation and product development roles, and has been a #1 ranked investment strategist by Institutional Investor magazine.

Head of Research
Alasdair Macleod

Alasdair became a stockbroker in 1970 and a Member of the London Stock Exchange in 1974. His experience encompasses equity and bond markets, fund management, corporate finance and investment strategy.

Investor & Advisor
Peter Schiff

Peter is a notable economic forecaster and investment advisor who is best known for accurately forecasting the 2008 financial crisis. After starting his investment career at Shearson Lehman Brothers in the early 1990s, Peter went on to cofound Euro Pacific Capital Inc., where he currently serves as CEO and Chief Global Strategist, before founding Schiff Gold in 2010.