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Insights September 20, 2013 Alasdair Macleod

Gold market report Feds announcement

The big event for all markets was the Fed’s announcement on Wednesday that there would be no taper. Before that gold and silver had contin...

Insights July 17, 2013 James Hickling

Paper, not taper

“Bernanke stays course on Fed buying” is the FT website headline this afternoon – with the Fed chairman confirming what we’ve been s...

Insights July 10, 2013 The GoldMoney News Desk

Madness of the crowds

Crowd psychology and the flow of hot money into and out of asset classes are what make markets tick. Statistical indicators often give a goo...

Insights June 24, 2013 The GoldMoney News Desk

Wither quantitative easing?

Over the last week-and-a-half we’ve had a very good example of why the Fed and other central banks have no practical alternative to contin...

Insights June 19, 2013 The GoldMoney News Desk

Bernanke heading for the lifeboat

It’s an exciting week for “Fedologists” – those successors to the Kremlinologists of the Cold War, who made a living out of analysin...

Insights June 05, 2013 The GoldMoney News Desk

The stage is set for new gold price highs

The price of gold is hovering just under $1.400 per troy ounce as it consolidates well above its April low of $1.321 per ounce which set the...