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Insights December 30, 2020 Alasdair Macleod

Economic and monetary outlook for 2021

The most important event in the new year is likely to be the Fed losing control of its iron grip on markets. The dollar’s declining trend...

Insights December 10, 2020 Alasdair Macleod

Prospects for the UK and the pound

This article assesses the likelihood of the pound following the dollar into monetary hyperinflation. Between March and September, the US Gov...

Insights November 27, 2020 Alasdair Macleod

Global Inflation watch

This article posits that fiat currencies are on the path to hyperinflation and looks at the evidence in the prices of financial assets and c...

Insights November 12, 2020 Alasdair Macleod

The monetary logic for gold and silver

A considered reflection of current events leads to only one conclusion, and that is accelerating inflation of the dollar’s money supply is...

Insights October 15, 2020 Alasdair Macleod

Hyperinflation is here

Definition: Hyperinflation is the condition whereby monetary authorities accelerate the expansion of the quantity of money to the point wher...

Insights September 24, 2020 Alasdair Macleod

Lessons on inflation from the past

This article examines two inflationary experiences in the past in an attempt to predict the likely outcome of today’s monetary policies. T...

Insights September 17, 2020 Alasdair Macleod

China is killing the dollar

In the wake of the Fed’s promise of 23 March to print money without limit in order to rescue the covid-stricken US economy, China changed...

Insights September 10, 2020 Alasdair Macleod

Inflation, deflation and other fallacies

There can be little doubt that macroeconomic policies are failing around the world. The fallacies being exposed are so entrenched that there...