Dealing Desk: Weak GDP figures and a weak US dollar

Aug 4, 2016·Kelly-Ann Kearsey

This week, clients have been net buying gold, possibly as a safe haven but also as gold has been the best performing asset of the year so far. Many clients have been seen selling their silver positions, possibly to take advantage of the higher level of pricing seen earlier in the week.

Goldmoney Wealth clients have favoured the Singapore and Canadian vaults this week with less preference being shown for the Swiss vault.

Kelly-Ann Kearsey, Dealing Manager at Goldmoney said that, on Tuesday, the precious metals gained throughout the week. The gold price broke through the $1,360.00 level for the second time this year, a level that was previously seen in early 2014. Silver reached a high of $20.75/oz earlier in the week.

The support behind the price gains has been caused by a weaker US dollar and negative interest rates around the globe. The US released weak GDP figures which has pushed the expectations of a rate hike to the end of the year; this has also weakened the US Dollar.

The Bank of England has also announced today that it is to cut the lending rate by 0.25% and has revived the bond buying program to help stimulate the economy in the wake of the Brexit referendum, which has in turn surprised the markets as only the rate cut was expected.

04/08/16 16:00. Gold gained 2% to $1,363.30, Silver increased 0.7% to $20.37, Platinum rose 1.4% to $1,149.90 and Palladium increased 0.9% to $700.20 Gold/Silver ratio: 66

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