White Papers

White papers on gold and monetary matters

The fiat money quantity (FMQ) by Alasdair Macleod (September 2013)

Mises' battle against monetary socialism by Christopher Mousten Hansen (May 2013)

The Aboveground Gold Stock: Its Importance and Its Size by James Turk (October 2012)

Nowhere Left To Run: The Next Financial Crisis by Alasdair Macleod (June 2012)

The Science of Gold & Other Precious Metals by Walt Sosnowski (March 2012)

A Perspective on Money from Howard and Warren Buffett by James Turk (March 2012)

Why The Gold Price Will Go Above $11,000 by James Turk (November 2011)

The Barbarous Relic – It Is Not What You Think by James Turk (October 2011)

The Role of Gold in Staying Rich by Dr Wes G. McCain (June 2011)

The Evolution of Currency by James Turk (November 2004)

Gold and the Internet: The Future for Gold in Ecommerce by James Turk (April 2000)