Preventing a nuclear war

Mar 28, 2024·Alasdair Macleod

Anti-Russia and anti-China rhetoric is driving the western alliance towards all-out war against them. Increasingly, the only way an ultimate nuclear conflict can be avoided is either for the dollar-based fiat currency regime to destroy itself, or to be given a helping hand by its enemies. Either way, gold is certain to be central to the evolution of these rapidly evolving events and their outcome.

Gearing up for a wider conflict

While it hasn’t been officially declared, to all intents the US with her NATO allies is at war with Russia. This war is not yet an all-out military confrontation. It is being fought through Ukraine as proxy, but that conflict is being badly lost by American-led NATO.

With the Ukraine project visibly failing, rhetoric denouncing Russia and China is now increasing. President Macron of France is seemingly keen to put NATO troops on the ground, but that would be a direct confrontation, which under NATO’s treaty would drag in every member. It would then become officially World War Three, fought under a nuclear umbrella. How long nuclear weapons would not become deployed in these circumstances is anyone’s guess, but probably not for long.

From the American side, the thought of backing down from the Ukrainian mess is currently inconceivable. It is a presidential election year. Domestic spending is ratcheted up to buy votes. But even without this extra spending, the US budget deficit is already heading for 12% of GDP — not that it seems to be deterring the politicians.

In an election year, attention is often diverted from obvious domestic failures by increasing military ventures abroad, in theory stimulating American jingoism in favour of the incumbent president. But with the increasingly obvious failure in Ukraine, major foreign ventures have become little more than tilting at windmills. Increasingly, the American public is becoming sceptical. Consequently, propaganda and rhetoric against Russia and China are on the rise, both in America and the UK particularly, but also in all Western European nations facing plebiscites this year. This is the background to Macron’s belligerence.

As is vividly demonstrated by America’s handling of the Israeli-Gaza situation, foreign policy is coming up against hard realities. The cover for America’s foreign policy failures is to divert attention from the Middle East by increasing the rhetoric against Russia and China even further, to the point where the propaganda convinces even its inventors. Any objective observer sees this reflected in the mainstream media, which is promoting a moral cause determined officially against our enemies to the exclusion of pragmatism. But we tend to forget that we are talking about escalating conflicts between nuclear powers.

Increasingly, there is only one way in which this can end without destroying humanity, and that is for the battleground to become financial. Logically, it leads to the destruction of the dollar and the reintroduction of gold standards by America’s rivals in hegemony to protect themselves from the twilight of the post-Bretton Woods fiat currency era. But getting there will likely involve a chain of unintended consequences.

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