You Can Profit from a Monetary Crisis: Harry Browne - 1974

Oct 19, 2016·Alasdair Macleod

In another scare era it was known as a bomb shelter; Brown (How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World, KR, p. 154) calls it a retreat. In any case the notion's the same: when the going gets rough, a well-stocked place to hide and the means to hold off the less farsighted. But that's only one of his sterling suggestions for how to profit from the current economic crisis (and who can deny there is one?). His others: buy silver coin and gold bullion (he suggests several complicated procedures); sell all assets, convert to foreign currency (franc, guilder, mark or, for speculation, the Lebanese pound) and bank Switzerland before the U.S. government clamps down. It's the kind of advice for which Browne usually charges $1750 per four-hour consultation - which may explain why the price is down to $7.95.