The Great Depression A Diary: Benjamin Roth - 2009

Aug 24, 2016·Roy Sebag

Published in 2009, The Great Depression: A Diary is a first-person diary account of 10 years worth of US and world events during the Great Depression with excellent parallels to the present day. Benjamin Roth recounts his observations and thoughts during that time frame throughout the book.

"Hold-ups and killings are becoming more frequent and it becomes dangerous to walk the streets”

Benjamin Roth was a young lawyer in 1929 when the stock market crashed. Once he realized the magnitude of the event, he began to actively write in his diary. It is an interesting read from the perspective of a normal, middle-class American at a time of tremendous political unrest, mass unemployment, and widespread foreclosures.

Through great awareness of his surroundings and experiences, Roth was able to develop various investment theories which have taken professional economists and analysts years to figure out.

The Great Depression: A Diary is a gripping book with a fascinating look at the unfolding of the US during the Great Depression. Essential to anyone interested in history, investing and the Great Depression.