The Gold Clause: Henry Holzer - 1984

Oct 20, 2016·James Turk

Through the ages gold clauses have served as protection from inflation. Americans, however, were forbidden by law to own gold from 1934 to 1974. As gold ownership is once again legal, it is now possible to use the gold clause to protect ourselves from the destruction of paper money.

This book explains exactly what gold clauses are, giving their background and how they have been used in the past. It documents how they were abrogated in 1934 and presents the legal cases stirred up over them. Most importantly THE GOLD CLAUSE thoroughly documents the current revival of their use, explains, why they are again valid, and details how to structure them avoiding the critical pitfalls such as state usury laws.

The only complete presentation of all the legal foundations for gold clauses , this book is an invaluable sourcebook for all who would use them, from laymen to legal professionals.