Showing Up For Life: Bill Gates Sr & Mary Ann Mackin - 2010

Aug 25, 2016·Roy Sebag

In life, showing up is important, especially in hard times such as the Great Depression. Written with beautiful language and in several different narratives, we discover the life of Bill Gates father, Bill Gates Senior. We discover how he created a life around hard times, made it through the Great Depression and how he has played a key role in the Bill and Melinda Foundation where he still shows up every single day.

“I’m 83 years old. Representing the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and everyone who is a part of it has given me the opportunity to see more of the world and its rich possibilities than most people ever do. I never imagined that I’d be working this late in life, or enjoying it so much.”

Written articulately by Gates and Mackin, Gates speaks about how he has made himself successful through his work with Nelson Mandela and Jimmy Carter as well as others throughout history. Gates uses Mackin’s words to introduce people he has met throughout his lifetime that has impacted his way of living. We as the reader can meet his attributes head on and use them on our journey in life.

 “People often ask me why at the age of eighty-three I still rise early every morning and drive to an office to work. I usually respond with a predictable three-word answer: I like working. I like the challenge of having to make decisions where there’s always a risk of failing. I find that exhilarating. I think I’m much better off doing what I’m doing than I would be sitting on a beach somewhere.”

As you can see, Gates has an amazing way of looking at the world around him. We can take his examples and use it to our advantage. In Showing Up For Life, we realize how important it is to show up and do what we need to do to thrive.