Hooked: Nir Eyal - 2013

Oct 13, 2016·Roy Sebag

Published in 2013, Hooked written by Nir Eyal introduces the reader to a “hook model”, a four-step process entrepreneurs can use in their startups or established companies to build customer habits. Through consecutive hook cycles, successful products reach their ultimate goal of bringing users back repeatedly without depending on costly advertising or aggressive messaging. Hooked is a guide to building products people can’t put down.

Specifically written for product managers, designers, marketers, startup founders, and people eager to learn more about the things that control behaviors, this book gives readers:

1. Practical insights to create user habits that stick.

2. Actionable steps for building products people love.

3. Behavioral techniques used by Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other habit-forming products.

Eyal intertwines his insights of technology, business, and psychology to lay out an entrepreneurial guideline to tap into how the reader can build habit-forming products:

“All humans are motivated to seek pleasure and avoid pain, to seek hope and avoid fear, and finally, to seek social acceptance and avoid rejection.”

The book is written in clear and understandable language to help lead all entrepreneurs to develop the best products possible by instilling the art of influencing customer behavior.

Hooked by Nir Eyal provides the reader with a unique perspective with an in-depth account for first-time entrepreneurs trying to achieve their business dreams by mastering the art of habit forming.