Economic Evaluation and Investment Decision Methods: John and Franklin Stermole - 1974

Oct 19, 2016·Josh Crumb

This text is an introduction to the concepts of time value of money and the related decision criteria used to evaluate investments. The text examples and problems provide the reader with a comprehensive approach to evaluating the economic equivalence of both income-producing and service-producing alternatives on a before and after tax basis, and then properly applying the findings.

Each chapter introduces new concepts and illustrates each with examples. At the end of each chapter are a number of problems designed to provide the reader with an opportunity to explore the calculations on their own. The solutions for each of these problems are available in the Problem Solutions Manual which also explores Excel applications and the use of financial calculators to solve various exercises.

While the text has a number of examples from the oil and gas and mining industry, it is written with a number of generic scenarios that make it applicable for students in all engineering disciplines as well as those involved in geology, geophysics, business, accounting, finance, management, operations research and anyone interested in economic evaluation issues.