Damn Right!: Janet Lowe - 2003

Aug 24, 2016·Roy Sebag

Charlie Munger is known for his billions; however, what is unique about Munger is his creative business strategies, which are above and beyond typical aptitudes. Janet Lowe received exclusive access to Munger’s knowledge and showcases the wisdom and brilliance of his strategies in Damn Right.

“In 41 years, I have never seen Charlie try to take advantage of anyone, nor have I seen him claim the least bit of credit for anything that he didn’t do. In fact, I’ve witnessed exactly the opposite: He has knowingly let me and others have the better end of a deal, and he has also always shouldered more than his share of the blame when things go wrong and accepted less than his share of credit when the reverse has been true. He is generous in the deepest sense and never lets ego interfere with rationality. Unlike most individuals, who hunger for the world’s approval, Charlie judges himself entirely by an inner scorecard—and he is a tough grader.”

Charlie Munger did not inherit his wealth. Instead, he worked hard to earn it on his own. Lowe interprets this into an amazing tale of perseverance and dedication. Throughout Munger’s years, he has survived periods of turmoil and has celebrated various triumphs. All of these situations have lead to his overall success. This book was written for all people interested in investments and finance. Lowe uses her knowledge in finance and her access to Munger past to spin a tale that is an amazing look at one of the most brilliant man in finance, Charlie Munger.