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Insights June 06, 2017 Stefan Wieler

OPEC at the Crossroads

OPEC is currently in a difficult situation. How should it react to the oil glut that followed the emergence of shale oil technology? In our...

Insights May 24, 2017 Stefan Wieler

Low Volatility Extended to Gold Market

The demise of volatility has extended to the gold market Both realized and implied volatility in most asset classes are close to all-time l...

Insights November 10, 2016 Stefan Wieler

Macroeconomic realities trump Trump fear

Macroeconomic realities trump Trump fear Introduction The outcome of the 2016 US presidential election has sent shockwaves through global...

Insights October 04, 2016 Stefan Wieler

FED talk

FED talk Introduction Today’s sell off in gold has led to concerns that the >20% year-to-date rally in gold prices could begin to...