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Insights May 24, 2017 John Butler

The Golden Revolution, Revisited

John Wiley and Sons published my first book, “The Golden Revolution”, in 2012; its core thesis was that a longer-term consequence of the...

Insights April 17, 2016 John Butler

Fiat Money Fairytales

Fiat Money Fairytales Introduction The financial media are beginning to entertain the viewpoint that the recent policies of the Federal...

Insights February 08, 2016 John Butler

The Iron Law of Money

The Iron Law of Money The spread of negative interest rate policies around the world, heralded by economic officials as the answer to the d...

Insights January 25, 2016 John Butler

John Butler Interview with Real Vision TV

Head of GoldMoney Wealth Services, John Butler, sat down with Real Vision TV to discuss blockchain, gold and new thinking on financial and m...