Dealing Desk: GoldMoney customers buy silver as the bears prowl the market

Oct 30, 2014·Kelly-Ann Kearsey

Obviously the big news of the week for the bullion markets came from the Federal Reserve which ended its quantitative easing bond buying and was surprisingly upbeat about the economy.

It wasn’t just gold which suffered, silver also dropped heavily, but GoldMoney’s Dealing Manager, Kelly-Ann Kearsey said the online bullion dealers’ customers were more upbeat about the industrial metal, ‘Whilst we’ve seen net gold selling among our customers, we have concurrently seen net buying of silver. It has not been everyone’s preference as on the main markets it has lost fairly heavily, but it has certainly caught the attention of some of our customers and kept silver’s trading with us in the positive.’

The one trend which hasn’t seen any change has been in the flow of bullion from the west to the east, ‘We’ve seen continued selling out of our western vaults, particularly the UK and Switzerland, and the biggest beneficiary has been the Malca-Amit vault in Singapore. ‘Overall our trade flows have been fairly steady and indeed the buyer/seller ratio is at 1 showing a perfect balance between buyers and sellers. However there are some more big pointers out next week which are likely to give further direction to the market. Those figures include the US Institute of Supply Management (ISM) Manufacturing data, US employment data, the Chinese Purchasing Managers Index (PMI), and the European Central Bank meeting which could all give further indication of where the world’s economies are heading and provide further focus for the bullion markets.’

16:00 30/10/14: Week on week performance: Gold lost 2.3% to $1,198.17; Silver slipped 4.4% to $16.36; Platinum also dropped 0.3% to $1,237.25 while Palladium rose 2% to $778.75.


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