Up Your Trading Game with Goldmoney Active Trader

Jan 14, 2019

You asked, we delivered. As 2019 shapes up to be an increasingly volatile year, our new Active Trader platform was created to help you better navigate your precious metals trading.

We’ve created a new way of buying and selling precious metals in your Goldmoney Holding and the industry’s most powerful technical charting system to give you the tools you need to gain a leg up in trading and managing your vaulted metal positions.

Better manage your precious metal positions with limit orders

Never miss a market move again – our new limit orders, with expiry dates of 24 hours and 30 days, give you the ability to take a position in one of our vaulted precious metals at a price of your choosing. Name your price by setting up a limit order, and your trade will only be executed if the Goldmoney bid or ask price matches your limit price.


Goldmoney Active Trader is currently in beta, with limit orders only available for gold, silver, and platinum in the Brinks Toronto and Brinks New York vaults. We anticipate expanding limit order availability to all of our vaults and products once the beta period is complete.

Gain technical insights with pre-built indicators

Charts and technical indicators are a window into the markets. Goldmoney Active Trader gives you the world’s leading charting solution, with nearly a hundred built-in technical indicators to help you better understand the movements and direction of the precious metals market. Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, MACD… you name it, it’s now available at your fingertips in your Goldmoney Holding.

Further enhance your market views with charting tools

The comprehensive charting toolkit in Active Trader is designed to help experienced traders to build a better understanding of the precious metals market and execute trades with better conviction and precision. It allows you to create and share your own customized technical analysis. Many users take advantage of this feature to keep track of daily precious metal price movements, make notes and study them for a period of time before making buy or sell decisions.

Excited about Active Trader? Log in to your Holding and find Active Trader in the dropdown menu under your name. Watch our video tutorial for more tips.

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