Unifying the Experience

Jul 23, 2016


We’ve come together to bring you Goldmoney.

We are thrilled to reveal Goldmoney: The World’s Network for Gold Savings and Payments. To strengthen the service and better convey our philosophy, that gold is money and can be used as the Premier Money even today, we have decided to unite BitGold and GoldMoney.

By combining 15 years of precious metals leadership and expertise with a leading-edge technology, democratizing access to gold, we can enhance the benefits and service offerings to over a million platform users worldwide.

Existing BitGold and GoldMoney clients will experience no interruptions to their accounts or services. Our changes are only a new login link, new tools, and expanding features to go with the new Goldmoney logo on the homepage. We invite you to take some time to familiarize yourself with the new Goldmoney website and explore the new savings and payments tools available to you.

Since the merger of the GoldMoney and BitGold businesses nine months ago, we have taken the many steps to bring the services together for faster, easier, safer and instantly accessible precious metals savings.

We are still the same great team offering the superior technology and service you know and love. We promise to continue providing unrivaled service, and to continuously launch new and improved features. This shift to an all-embracing brand frees us to continue innovation, growth, and progress towards the future of precious metals as payments and savings.

Over the next few weeks, expect to see a gradual transition in our email communications and the website interface to reflect the new brand encompassing our three account types: Goldmoney Personal, Goldmoney Business and Goldmoney Wealth.

Your account remains entirely untouched & unaltered. Your account balance, Goldmoney® MasterCard and all the features and tools of BitGold are still available. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the new Goldmoney website with enhanced features and experience.
We thank you for your dedication and support,

The Goldmoney Team