Gold and Silver Pension Plans

Everyone aims to accumulate enough wealth during their life to enjoy their retirement in comfort. This is becoming increasingly difficult, as national currencies like the U.S. dollar and British pound are steadily being debased, making them unreliable stores of value. As a result, people of the world are having a hard time saving for the future.

Accumulating precious metals can help you preserve your future wealth and purchasing power.

We have developed bespoke pension products with our partners in the U.K. and the U.S. that are based on the long-term protection offered by gold and silver.

U.K Citizen
What pension product is gold available in?Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)Who are the main providers Goldmoney partners with?Standard Life, UKSend EmailDownload the SIPP Customer Guide (PDF)
U.S Citizen
What pension product is gold available in?Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)Who are the main providers Goldmoney partners with?EntrustT: +1 (877)545 0544Website

Our partnership with the Entrust Group helps our US resident clients to:

Invest in precious metals as part of your Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).

Preserve your purchasing power with a diversified pension investment portfolio.

Securely store your precious metals in our vaults based in Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland or the UK.

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Standard Life

Invest in gold bullion through Standard Life's active money SIPP

We understand you want to enjoy the most of what today has to offer while also preparing for an active and fulfilling retirement. Goldmoney has teamed up with Standard Life so you can now purchase gold bullion through Standard Life’s Active Money SIPP.

The Active Money SIPP is a pension with added flexibility – giving you more choices when it comes to how you manage your money and take your benefits than you would normally get with a conventional pension. Its flexible approach combined with award-winning customer service has led Standard life to become the U.K.’s leading SIPP provider with more than 100,000 customers.

“Goldmoney is a well-established company with a decade of experience. It also has the levels of security and integrity that Standard Life requires in a partner.” – Alistair Hardie, Head of SIPP at Standard Life


A tax efficient way to hold precious metals in your IRA

Unlike other IRAs, self-directed IRAs give you complete control over your investment choices, so you’re not limited to stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. This means you can take advantage of investing in alternative assets - such as precious metals or real estate. You may use Entrust to hold gold, silver, platinum, and palladium for your retirement with Goldmoney. Entrust handles all the requirements involved with holding precious metals in your IRA, including IRS reporting, administration, and more. Investors are able to access and manage their accounts in a user-friendly Entrust Client Portal, which makes investing simpler.

Precious metals are a good way to preserve your purchasing power and diversify your portfolio. Our clients can find educational resources, required paperwork, and everything they need to understand the Precious Metals IRA investment process and the various IRS regulations at the Entrust website.