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Like gold, silver is also a smart way to preserve and increase your purchasing power. However, silver tends to be more volatile than investing in gold. Both precious metals have monetary value, but silver also has wide-scale industrial applications, such as use in electrical conductors. This is because silver has a high electrical and thermal conductivity. Therefore, due to its wider industrial use, the price of silver tends to fluctuate more.

In addition to the conventional pricing of silver in US dollars, the value of silver is often measured against gold. Today (October 2020) the gold/silver ratio is ~78, which is high compared to historical standards. Many experts therefore believe that the gold/silver ratio is likely to decline. Whether that is correct or not, the gold/silver ratio is constantly fluctuating, periodically offering interesting silver buying opportunities relative to gold. Learn more about the gold/silver ratio in our gold and silver research section.

You might also consider buying other metals such as gold, platinum and palladium. You can learn more about how to diversify your portfolio by optimising your portfolio.

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At Goldmoney we make it easy for you to buy silver bullion online. You can start with any amount as there is no minimum purchase. How to buy silver with Goldmoney? First, sign up for free and become a Goldmoney customer. In our 'How It Works' section the whole sign-up process is clearly explained. It only takes a few minutes if you live in one of the 'fast-tracked' countries.

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The science behind silver

Although hardly as rare as the other noble metals, silver is nevertheless unique in several key respects. It is the most reflective off all metals, the best conductor of electricity and holds the highest electrostatic charge. Separately and together, these qualities result in silver having a wide and growing array of industrial and even medical uses, some of which render the silver used effectively unrecoverable for any reasonable cost. This distinguishes silver from gold and the PGMs, which normally can be easily and cheaply recovered and recycled if desired. This implies that the supply and demand dynamics of silver differ greatly from the other noble metals. Also, with a far lower value density than either gold or PGMs, silver carries substantially higher storage costs. Taken together, all the above factors make silver a more speculative form of alternative money today, notwithstanding silver's strong monetary traditions across cultures and time. Indeed, a simple count of historical records of silver's monetary use throughout history dwarfs the use of gold and PGMs.

Silver's existing and potential future medical applications, while reaching into multiple directions, so far are concentrated primarily in the antisceptic, antibacterial, antiviral and anticarcinogenic areas. Silver's ability to disrupt, disable or at least slow a number of otherwise hard to treat micropathological processes--bacterial, viral, antioxidant and carcinogenic--turn silver into a general disease fighting bullet, either on its own or, more commonly, combined with man-made drugs to 'turbo-' or 'supercharge' the effects. While much is still untested or unproven, so far silver is proving by far the most medically useful of the noble metals in all areas.