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Discovered in 1803 by William Hyde Wollaston, palladium is not as well known as the other precious metals: gold, silver and platinum. Palladium together with platinum and metals like iridium and osmium are known as platinum group metals (PGM).

As with platinum, palladium is extensively used in industrial applications such as in catalysts and also in many electrical appliances. More than half of the palladium mined each year is used in the production of catalytic converters for cars.

Unlike gold and silver, palladium does not have a history of monetary use. Due to its rarity and industrial usefulness, demand for palladium is high. Furthermore, during periods of robust economic growth, demand for palladium strongly increases.

Since palladium is a tangible asset without counterparty risk, buying palladium is also a good way to protect your wealth against financial turmoil, unlike intangible paper assets, which are at risk of losing their value completely. Find out more about how to optimise your precious metals portfolio or browse our research section for more key information about palladium.

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The science behind palladium

In nearly all respects, palladium is platinum's poor sister. It shares nearly all of platinum's characteristics, just with less of each by volume and value. There are subtle differences between the two to be sure, but the same can also be said about rhodium, another member of the PGM family. Indeed, rhodium is today commonly alloyed with both platinum and palladium in autocatalysts. This leaves palladium in a unique position in that, while it is a platinum substitute, it also has a substitute of its own. The palladium price is thus normally a subtle function of the prices of its other substitutes and all of these prices tend to move more or less in tandem with demand for autocatalysts and a few other niche industrial uses. This all contributes to making its price highly volatile and somewhat capricious from the perspective of one who does not understand the subtleties of the autocatalyst market. One potential issue with plalladium supply which can also contribute to its volatilty is that over 80% of global production is sourced from just a few mines, including in Russia and South Africa, jurisdictions in which there remains a high degree of political risk, relative to say North America.