Promotional Terms

Goldmoney 10% First Time Purchase Promotion

This promotion is available to all new clients of Goldmoney, subject to the following terms:

  1. Unless cancelled or terminated, this promotion is available for 30 days from the initial Holding opening date (the "Promo Period").
  2. The promotion is available to all persons who are not existing Goldmoney Clients prior to participation in the promotion ("New Clients").
  3. The promotion is available to all New Clients that complete a successful first-time purchase of gold of at least 10g (the "Purchase") during the Promo Period.
  4. The promotion allows New Clients the following within the Promo Period:
    • For the first successful Purchase during the Promo Period, Goldmoney will transfer an amount of gold equaling 10% of the Purchase to the New Client's Holding, up to a maximum of 10g of gold.
  5. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount.
  6. The bonus gold cannot be withdrawn from your Holding for a period of six months, and will remain in the vault that you make your first qualifying Purchase in for this time.
  7. No more than one promotional offer per person.