Metal Payments & Business Tools

Need to send money, make international payments, or looking for free payment tools to run your business?

Your Goldmoney Holding allows you to send and receive instant precious metal payments to and from Goldmoney clients or businesses that accept Goldmoney without charge.

Send Payments Mobile Application Send Payments Application Screenshot

Free precious metal payments available through a Goldmoney Holding are a great way to send and receive value to and from anyone located anywhere in the world.

Now you can earn precious metals – not just buy them. Our free business and invoicing tools enable Goldmoney clients to receive payments directly to their precious metal savings account.

Set Recurring Transfers - Coming Soon

At Goldmoney, we believe transferring value should be easy, instant, and secure, which is why we developed a new way to transfer value by using gold as a payment rail within our closed-loop network.

Never worry about missing a transfer to a loved one located on the other side of the world, a child away at university, or employees. Goldmoney helps you remove friction and set recurring transfers with seamless tools and features.*

Set Automatic Redemptions & Remove Metal Price Risk

Automatic redemptions protect you from varying price changes by instantly redeeming metal to your desired currency. Once you have determined your settings, redemptions will automatically be made to your linked bank account or Goldmoney Prepaid card in the currency of your choice.**

*Residents of the U.S. state of Vermont and several other countries are currently unable to send or receive gold transfers.
**Automatic redemptions to Goldmoney Prepaid cards from the Dubai vault are not available at this time.

Instant Metal Payments

Instantly transfer gold and other precious metal value to anyone without charge via their Holding number.

Recipients can accept and retain the gold balance for free or choose to sell their metal for one of nine currencies in their Holding, redeem the value to their linked bank account, load a Goldmoney Prepaid card to spend in local currency for a small redemption fee, or take physical delivery.

Business Payroll – Coming Soon

Paper cheques and international bank wires slow down your cash flow and delay settlement. Time is money. Save both by automating free payments in different currencies and send to thousands of recipients at once.

Remove global payment barriers and avoid cross-border fees by using gold for employee payroll and dividends, customer rebates and rewards, and partner and affiliate payouts.

Business Invoicing - Coming Soon

Provide customers with a better global payment option while protecting your business from currency conversions and volatility. Your customers can pay invoices with a credit/debit card or directly from their bank account, and you receive payment in the equivalent vaulted gold value.

Whether you're invoicing for your time and services or selling goods to a customer, our tools allow you to receive all types of payments, and easily add the inventory of goods you sell and/or services you provide for repeat use and speedy invoice creation.

No cross-border, set up, or monthly fees or minimums. Straightforward global pricing, no matter where your customers are located. You only pay a 1% to process a payment, regardless of how your customer pays.

Redeem your gold balance to your bank account or Goldmoney Prepaid card as needed for a small redemption fee, or take physical delivery.