Why choose GoldMoney?

  • Who founded and who owns GoldMoney?

    GoldMoney was founded by James Turk and his eldest son, Geoff Turk, in 2001.

    GoldMoney is a market-leading, profitable, privately owned company with no debt, so customers can be assured that its financial position is sound. Its books are regularly audited by a “Big Four” accounting firm, and its shareholders are focused on ensuring the long-term safety and security of its customers’ assets. It is based in Jersey, in the British Channel Islands, a self-governing and 700-year sovereign island, located in the English Channel between England and France.

    GoldMoney is owned by well-established investors, including IAMGOLD (one of the 10 largest Canadian gold mining companies) and Eric Sprott, Founder & Chairman of Sprott Asset Management. Other notable shareholders include Doug Casey, Chairman of Casey Research and David Tice, Founder of the Prudent Bear Fund. The Turk family is also a major shareholder.

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  • What are the main benefits of a Holding with GoldMoney?

    • You can buy, sell, and easily exchange allocated precious metals
  • • You have online access to your Holding 24 hours a day
  • • We offer a Bar Registration service (what is this?)
  • • We offer collection and delivery services
  • • We provide independent audit reports within your Holding to give you peace of mind
  • • We have a Relationship Management team who is available to assist you and answer your questions
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  • Are there cost advantages?

    GoldMoney provides a cost-effective way for its customers to own gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in allocated storage, which is the safest and most secure way to store precious metals. GoldMoney is able to offer secure and insured storage options with the world’s leading vault operators on your behalf, allowing you, a private customer, to store your metal in one of the leading professional vaults.

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  • Where can I learn about gold and other metals?

    There are many online resources to learn about bullion. Please visit our Research page where you can read market updates, analysis, and view podcasts by our founder, James Turk.

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