Our Fees Explained

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Buy and storage fees

Select your currency and metal to see Buy and Storage fees associated with each metal.


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Storage fee notes

  • Gold and silver are stored in Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland and the UK. Platinum is available for storage in Switzerland and Hong Kong. Palladium is available for storage in Hong Kong.
  • Storage fees are only charged when you own gold, silver, platinum or palladium in GoldMoney. Storage includes insurance coverage against theft from the vault.
  • Fees are deducted monthly in arrears from your Holding with a minimum fee of 0.001 goldgrams, 0.001 silver ounces, 0.001 platinum grams and 0.001 palladium grams per month. The storage fees for gold, silver, platinum and palladium are applied to each vault where you hold metal. Therefore, if you hold a balance of gold in both Switzerland and the UK, the gold storage fee will be applied separately to both balances.
  • All storage fees are by default calculated and paid in goldgrams, silver ounces, platinum grams and palladium grams, but you can choose to pay for storage in one of the 9 currencies we accept.
  • If the Holding balance is insufficient to pay for storage of registered bars, we are required to de-register your smallest bar, and we will deduct the storage fee from the undivided metal balance that will be credited to your Holding as result of the de-registration. GoldMoney reserves the right to de-register and deduct the storage fee retrospectively from the date of registration.
  • If storage fees change we will notify you 30 days in advance.

Metal exchange fee

The fees below are applied for exchanges between metals (i.e., silver to gold) and between vaults (i.e., gold in the UK to gold in Switzerland). Therefore, a conversion of silver to gold or UK gold to Switzerland gold would be applied using the rates stated in the Gold Exchange Rates table below.


Metal  Rates 
 Gold  0.75%
 Silver  1.25%
 Platinum  1.90%
 Palladium  2.10%

Bank transfer fee

The transfer fee charged by our bank is deducted from your currency balance before funds are sent to your bank account. For example, the transfer of US$50,000 with an international fee of $20 would result in a total debit of $50,020 from your currency balance and a $50,000 credit to your bank account (your bank may charge a fee for receiving a payment). The fees charged by our bank are subject to change, but will always be disclosed to you before you complete a funds transfer.

Currency  Funds Transfer Fee 
 CAD - Canadian dollars  22.00 per transfer
 CHF - Swiss francs  22.00 per transfer
 EUR - euros  Intl. Trfr. 15.00 /SEPA transfer 7.00
 GBP - British pounds  CHAPS & Intl. Trfr. 10.00 / UK BACS Free
 JPY - Japanese yen  2,000.00 per transfer
 USD - US dollars  20.00 per transfer
 HKD - Hong Kong dollars  160.00 per transfer
 NZD - New Zealand dollars  25.00 per transfer
 AUD - Australian dollars  20.00 per transfer

GoldMoney kilo/100 gram bar fee

A fee is charged when you redeem goldgrams for a GoldMoney 1kg (1000 gram) bar, which is 2.75% of the fine weight of a kilo bar and 4% of a 100 gram bar. Therefore, you need 1,027.500gg to redeem a 1kg bar or 104gg to redeem a 100g bar. Shipping/insurance fees start at £25 (UK)/£100 (international) per kg shipped or any part thereof.

Bar registration fee

Registration fees are 2 grams for 100 gram gold bars; 15 grams for 1kg gold bars; and 1.6 ounces for 1kg silver bars. A fee of 1 goldgram/1 platinum gram/1 palladium gram is charged any time you register a Good Delivery gold/platinum/palladium bar. A fee of 1 silver ounce is charged any time you register a Good Delivery silver bar.

Bar delivery, collection and inspection

Send us a message from your Holding to obtain quotes for bar delivery, collection and inspection services. You are responsible for payment of any customs duties or other taxes that may apply as a result of transporting your metal. 

Service fee

We charge a fee for processing individual customer requests beyond the services listed above. For example, we charge US$10 for posting a paper statement to a customer's address (PDF statements via email are free of charge) and 1 goldgram for changing a Holding number to a customised label.   

Administration fee

If you do not verify your Basic Holding within 15 days of funding it, we will charge an administration fee of US$100.00 (or equivalent in other currencies) to close it.

Currency Fee
 USD  100.00
 CAD  100.00
 GBP  65.00
 EUR  80.00
 CHF  95.00
 JPY  10,000.00
 AUD  100.00
 HKD  800.00
 NZD  120.00